How Rana Transformed to V2.0

Meet Rana from Bangalore, who transformed from a home mom with having a degree in Computer Science engineering to a successful writer, blogger and entrepreneur.

Rana started her journey with content writing and blogging. She started a website on parenting and started monetizing it through affiliate marketing. She began publishing one blog per week and later increased to three blogs per week.

Apart from blogging, she was doing freelancing in the areas of content writing and software development. Freelancing helped her to get experience with actual work. In addition, the feedback received from each work enabled her to become a better content writer.

Because of her studies in engineering in computer science and had a good grip on software development, she got work in areas of application development, testing and documentation from freelancing websites. She got a good amount of money from technical freelancing, but she also wanted to excel in content writing to become an author and have passive income.

Then she started self-publishing books in technology, parenting and self-improvement fields. Now she is making a lot of passive income through these self-published books. Now she is publishing six books per year. Some of her books are now the best seller in the amazon kindle store.

She started coaching students through online courses and live webinars. She took two years to make high-quality online courses. She used digital marketing to sell her online courses. She learned these skills from Digital Deepak’s internship programme that she joined in April 2021. She is thanking to this programme through this programme she learned about different aspects of digital marketing, including niche selection, creating websites, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Facebook, and google ads.

She is now the owner of Tech company which provides training and software services. Experiences in freelancing in software development, content writing and digital marketing helped her shine as an entrepreneur.

Throughout her professional journey, she put maximum effort with a lot of determination and patience for success.